Friday, September 23, 2011

Hair donation for cancer patient

If anyone is planning on cutting their hair and donating it can you pls contact me and I will let you know how to about mailing. I have a family member that has breast cancer and has lost all of her hair after only 2 treatments of chemo.  She has 3 and 1/2 more months left and then starts radiation so options would be  lovely for her to have at this time thank you all <3

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The test results so far for me

I know you are all dying to know. lol  The Endoscopy went ok.   They found a hernia in my esophagus, that I have IBS,  the parts of my intestines and stomach that are paralyzed are not getting much blood, and they had to take extra biopsies.  Depending on what the emptying study shows more paralysis  is whether I will have an emergency appointment or he will fit me in to go over everything. His words not mine.  I have been vomiting and had a lot of pain since the Endoscopy which I never had before but other then that no worries. I have the test next Thursday so I guess sometime after that you will hear the rest of the results

Friday, September 16, 2011

Buddy Fruits are Gluten free and so much more

I have contacted the  buddy Fruits company and they let me know that all of their products are Gluten free.  I think this is a wonderful product for traveling, for lunch boxes, for school snacks, and for just keeping in your purse when you need to prevent a hunger meltdown.

They have 5 different flavors of blended fruit (like applesauce but one does not contain apples), 3 flavors of smoothies, and 4 different types of fruit bites.  To top it all off each packet is a serving of fruit.  All the snacks are between 50-95 calories depending on which you choose. So they would be a great snack if you are on a trying to diet.  What I love about the company is that it is a very green company.  They do not use colorings, genetic modifications, no sugar added, no artificial flavorings and most important to me NO GLUTEN!  They sell them most popular grocery stores so you should not struggle to find them.  They have a zip code locator that you can punch in and find the stores near you that sell them.  So go check them out.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Today is Celiac awareness day

What are you doing for it?  If you have not already know what Celiac disease and you do not know what Gluten is then today today is the perfect time to look them up.

Want to really make an impact try one of these 13 things to do promote Celiac awareness from the national foundation for Celiac awareness.

I say try going gluten free for a week!  Even if you just have one pan that is able to be used after washing then you can survive for a week.  You can eat the food at home and try eating out.  Look up which restaurants in your area are GF and what they have they you might enjoy.  This way you are not having to buy all new toaster and pans but you still get to experience the good food.  Also if you have any problems with gluten then a week should show you a little to a instant improvement in a week.

I can only hope that 100 years from now we won't have to have a national Celiac awareness.  The illness is becoming somewhat more recognized and the gluten free community is growing at a rapid rate.  We are speaking up for our needs and letting the companies know that We have money and if they want Us to pay so much for their products they had better be high quality.  That is huge progress considering we made most of it in the last 10 years. So get out there and keep going against the grain!

Gastroenterology here I come

So I went to my doctor today and I mean go big or go home for National Celiac Awareness Day right?  I have 2 biopsies on Thursday,  a swallowing study next Thursday,  did a ton of blood work today and I think there is more but that is what I can remember for now.  

My hope is that by giving me a diagnosis the doctors will be able to better help my daughter.   If I come back with nothing then I will try to have her father diagnosed and move out into other family members.  Lets hope my tests are not like my daughters and lead to more questions and tests then answers. Wish me luck! 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Taking the fear out of baking gluten free

If you get a chance to buy the October /November 2011 copy of Living Without magazine.  Buy one for yourself and one for any family members!  There is a wonderful article called Power Flours.  It explains 7 of the major flours that we can use  to bake with. What I LOVE about this article is that it explains in plain English what to expect from each flour.  What the flour tastes like, what kind of texture, what it is used for (such as don't use more then 30% Sourghum in any flour blend).  It also give you information about what to do after you have picked the flours you want to try out and as always it gives you yummy recipes to try out.  So run to the store to buy one to head over to their site.

I know that baking was my favorite thing to do before we went gluten free.  I found it relaxing to make fresh muffins in the morning.  As I have learned through trial and error baking gluten free I am becoming more adventurous with it.   Which is a good thing since we have a giant breakfast every Sunday Morning.  If  I don't keep the menus changing the crowd grows restless. lol   

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The test go on and on

The new Gastro ordered a ton of blood test for my daughter. He has also requested that she be allergy tested for a few things and wants her to be tested for all the behavioral illnesses that are greatly affected by Gluten.  We have yet to see her main pediatric doctor to have anything setup other then the blood tests.

Blood tests results roll in daily.  I knew that the test might come back flagged and half of the first set did so she will be watched for a more serious illness. When the second set came back low I was appalled.  I had asked for her Vitamin D to be tested because a year and a half ago I was told it was low. She was already on vitamins, we played outside as much as possible for sun, and we even made smoothies to try to boost it along with her iron which also stays low. I was told by the old base they didn't know what to do and as always nothing was done.  I was just a mother with to much time on her hands as far as they were concerned.  Now all this time has gone by and I can only wonder what else has happened to her body due to lack of treatment?

The doctors here acknowledge that she has not had proper treatment and are now trying to make up for that.  While I appreciate that it seems that so much more could be going on inside that little body then I ever dreamed of.  

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The new doctor

I have to sing the praises of Michael K Davis Jr, MD at Nemours Children's Clinic in Pensacola FL.  He has a great bedside manner and is wonderful with children (which helps seeing that he is a peds doctor).

He asked what was going on and what I wanted to accomplish from the appointment. I of course said a diagnosis. lol  I had her previous paper work sent over so he already knew what it said and he was honest with me. Right now they do not have any other test that will give us one. From all of the test he has, all of the information he has received from me he can try a few more things to rule out other things but no matter what she needs to stay Gluten free for the rest of her life period.  I walked away from the appointment glad that I was doing the right thing for my daughter and praying that the world as whole will come to learn more about this disease and all the ones related to it so that it might be easier for future generations.        

Mrs. Alaska 2011 campaigns for Celiac Disease Awareness - Maeve's Musings | Udi's Gluten Free

Mrs. Alaska 2011 campaigns for Celiac Disease Awareness - Maeve's Musings | Udi's Gluten Free How wonderful is this attention! I Always tell my daughter she can do anything she wants to do when she grows up even though I know there will be some limitations on her due to this disease. So being able to show her something like this helps prove to her that only her dreams can limit how far she can go.