Thursday, September 30, 2010

New orders

My husband has been fighting the war the last few months and might still be I am not sure on that one but we have new orders.  He is going to Korea.  There is no mention as to a follow on yet so we have a lot up in the air.  The military wanted to cancel my surgery next week but that was not happening with the doctor , hospital, or my parents that have taken off work for 2 weeks.  My daughter and I may move back home with them since the surgery is going to be much higher risk then most.  With the military it is always hurry up and wait so I am waiting.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Just blowing off some steam

As a military wife we all have to vent in someway and I have had the worst weekend so I am sorry but I am going to vent here.

I usually calm myself down by taking pictures, drawing, writing or some other craft. I have been taking pictures all weekend and today but that is not helping and I can't sit still long enough to draw anyone.  I just called the only person I can to go up the chain of command they are not there.  Of Course Not!!!!!!!  Why would a Patient advocate be there at 1:45 in the afternoon or any other time I have tried to reach one.  I know that talking to this person is just a step and will accomplish nothing but it is these stupid steps that I have to start taking all over again that make me so MAD!

I have played by all the rules for almost 2 yrs and it has gotten me no where.  Now The base wants to keep us after months of saying they do not have proper doctors to treat JUST ME? Why wait until after the date that the base that had our EFMP paper work was required to give us an answer to change your mind? I am throughly confused.  Your signature is on the paper work saying that this bas4e can not meet my needs and now it is on there saying it can.  No other explanation, That is so frustrating!  After all this time and with the doctors that fought with us to do the EFMP still willing to do whatever they can I would love to just sit down and cry.  Unfortunately I can't I don't have time.  I have to write down everything that has gone wrong since we got here so that my husband can write up his list of it and turn it into the patient advocate. Because that is the help we were offered.  I get to pack for surgery, try to make up enough for my daughter to eat for at least 2 weeks while my parents are here and make a check list of thing I need in case I have to move back with them.  We have to find out our follow on base now since we were not given one.

Little miss needs to be enrolled to EFMP (clearly it does not matter though). The one that up until now has not been able to see a doctor.  I have been told, "What you want me to do about her? I can Google just as well as you can." , "What am I supposed to do about her food buy it online if she needs to eat."  Well You my dear base will be paying for us to travel to see a doctor that knows about this disease.  In network out of network I don't care.  I don't care if it is over 300 miles and/or over night.  You will have to give the service member the time off to take her since my problems are fine for you to handle.  There is a law written saying you will help us with the food expense. Oh and in a week or so if my test comes back saying the same thing guess what you will have double the expense.  You will pay for my MRI's you will send me to see a specialist and I have NO clue where you will find those 2 at but good luck on that one.

I mean I will be having surgery on the 6th and I am going into that knowing that it is going to be more difficult then 98% of most of them they do and I can expect to be in the hospital longer.

What I don't get is why put us through this for months just for you to do this.  No one has ever heard of this happening.  This is Clovis though so what did we expect?  

I want to know why "patient advocates" come with the doctor to talk with me about something they are in the wrong about and when I move slightly they lunge toward me like a giant gorilla body guard needing to take out a mobster.  When I NEED a patient advocate they are all gone. Are they all out being body guards to doctors?  I can see that, I mean you tell me those things about my child and I will be upset.  I didn't hurt anyone because I can control myself.  Is it so bad here and happens so often that you really need body guards?

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Still working on links but more are up

While I am trying to figure out our new lifestyle I guess you would call it and not a diet since it is for life. I am also trying to get things ready in case we move shortly after I have surgery in Oct. so life is a little hectic.