Saturday, December 25, 2010

We survived Christmas!!!

Turkey, dressing, roasted veggies, green beans,  (green bean casserole for the non celiacs) mashed potatoes, Pumpkin tort, and Chocolate tort  all GF but one.

I discovered something today for the first time that can be a problem.....Washing dishes!  If you are making something with gluten in it then you need to make sure that you wash the dishes separately.  If you can not get to them at that moment then you may want to set them somewhere that a well meaning family member does not get to them.  

I almost did this to my dishes, I went to wash the green bean casserole dish with the same thing that I wash all my others with.  Just before I touched the pan the cross contamination alarms started going off and I threw it in different directions.  So we made it through the day contamination free.

I wish peace and happiness for you and your family this year.  I pray that we all learn to live GF with ease and that we can teach society that we live here too.
How did you do?