Sunday, April 22, 2012

Kaleidoscope Associates in Pensacola, FL work with food allergies

I was looking for some summer activities for my daughter to do and  I saw KaleidoscopeAssociates had a culinary camp. I was so excited and then I remembered the class is probably not for kids with food allergies.  So I contacted Jacki Selby to ask her this

Do you offer the summer camp for those children with food allergies? My daughter LOVES to cook.  She can not tolerate gluten in any form. She is only 5 so could not join this year but I am trying to find out for next year.
Thank you,

This is her exciting response:

Thanks for contacting us! Yes, we do offer cooking classes and camps for children with food allergies. In fact, we also offer customized birthday cooking parties for children with allergies. Our associates are very committed to facilitating a "normal" food experience for all children, despite their food allergies. 

I look forward to meeting you and your daughter. If you attend the May 16th Gallery Night in downtown Pensacola, please stop by Distinctive Kitchens and say "hi"! We will be in the kitchen doing food demos with some of our current students.
Have a blessed day,

I was so happy and thankful that they already had something in place for people with food allergies. We have all called or written to find out that a place we wanted to go does not and will not allow outside food. I was expecting the answer to be Kaleidoscope  no we do not have a class for food allergies and then write her asking if they would consider making one. The fact that they not only have a camp but parties too is great. I mean how many birthday parties have you gone to where you or your child could not even eat the food at the party. Now your child can not only eat it but they can have fun making it too.

If you are wanting to sign up for summer camp here is the link if you did not find it on the facebook site Class Calendar scroll to June to see the first class.  you may want to call and find out when the allergy friendly class is here is the phone number 850-261-4063. Kaleidoscope does classes in a variety of locations such as Distinctive Kitchen at 29 South Palafox Place Pensacola, FL, Kaleidoscope Associates' classes are in Mobile, AL, and they have a variety of other locations they also present classes. So drop them a line or email and see if there is one near you.

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