Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The diagnosis post

We took my daughter to get her official diagnosis a little bit ago and it is only fair that I should finally post the results.

The doctor is unsure because while she had some damage to her intestines earlier they were healed this time.  The blood work and by her reaction to gluten he still thinks that she has Celiac disease. He thinks she is one of the few people with it that it does not attack the intestines and instead it attack another organ in the body.  (Yeah that was news to me too).  She could also have a strong allergy and that puts her at risk for a whole new set of problems.  The only way to confirm the true diagnosis now would be to put her on a diet containing gluten for 6 months and the cut her open looking for the organ that it is eating away at.  We declined at this time on that option. Since we do not know if the organ such as the brain, heart, lungs, or so on that would be eaten away at can repair itself like the intestines would.  It is a option I would not like to have to take.  If we do I want her to be older then 3 yrs old.

Thank you for waiting so long on this post.  I have been dreading writing it.

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