Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Olive gardens has gluten free food!

I know I was shocked too it is a place filled with gluten products but they even have a GF pasta and sauce.  My daughter had it for dinner last night and loved it!  she was so excited to be able to eat pasta in a restaurant with everyone else.  She has had no gluten side effects and the service from the Olive Gardens In Pensacola, FL was outstanding when it came to her!

The waiter had no clue that they even sold it so I had her check before the rest of us ordered.  She made sure that the pasta and the sauce were both the correct ones.  Now this is not on the kids menu but there is a grilled chicken and vegetables on the kids menu.  (We have no problems with leftovers.) The waiter gave my daughter a plate with some cheese on it as a snack and I gave her a pill. She asked what Celiac disease was and what she could not eat so that she would know and could keep her safe.  

I have to say since the diagnosis I have always thought of Olive Gardens as if it just did not exist but this is going in my top 10 GF of the best restaurant experiences.