Friday, August 10, 2012

hand outs to parents and teacher to help them understand what your child can have

While my child is going to the same school with 11 of her fellow students returning I wrote a letter or print out explaining more about what my child can and can not have. Asking them to give me advance notice for birthdays and what they will be bringing so I can try to make sure my child has the same.  I listed candy she could have so at holidays like valentines day or birthday parties  (pinatas or goody bags) so they would know in advance. I wrote in good places to shop in our local area. Just helpful info.

We have a new teacher and this is her first time dealing with gluten so I have made up a printout for her as well. I also bought the new Gluten free shopping guide to stay in her class room.

I am going to share them with you in case you want to copy them and write in your own details. I hope they help.

If you  go to file you can download in whatever for you might need.

If you  go to file you can download in whatever for you might need.
While this has been written for gluten allergy you can take this format and turn it into any allergy. I tried not to mention anything with nuts since there is also a child with a nut allergy in our class.
I hope that you find these helpful and if you find any changes that need to be made please leave a comment.  

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