Friday, September 16, 2011

Buddy Fruits are Gluten free and so much more

I have contacted the  buddy Fruits company and they let me know that all of their products are Gluten free.  I think this is a wonderful product for traveling, for lunch boxes, for school snacks, and for just keeping in your purse when you need to prevent a hunger meltdown.

They have 5 different flavors of blended fruit (like applesauce but one does not contain apples), 3 flavors of smoothies, and 4 different types of fruit bites.  To top it all off each packet is a serving of fruit.  All the snacks are between 50-95 calories depending on which you choose. So they would be a great snack if you are on a trying to diet.  What I love about the company is that it is a very green company.  They do not use colorings, genetic modifications, no sugar added, no artificial flavorings and most important to me NO GLUTEN!  They sell them most popular grocery stores so you should not struggle to find them.  They have a zip code locator that you can punch in and find the stores near you that sell them.  So go check them out.


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