Friday, July 20, 2012

Gluten free make up that is easy to buy

I know for so many people and doctors out there that anything that whether products need to be gluten free if they are not digested is a huge controversy.  What follows is my opinion and mine alone.

Some people have a sensitivity to gluten and that means to what touches their body as well as what they digest. Some people are only bothered by what they digest. That said, If you are wearing lipstick  you could ingest it. If  you chew on your fingernails you can ingest the nail polish.   Lotion or soap on your hands  could contaminate your food. I mean there are a million different ways but most likely if you  have the allergy then you know all this.

If you are a parent to, married to, or even dating someone with this problem.  When they kiss your cheek you have make up there. What about perfume? do you nuzzle your face with your baby's?  You know how they put their hands on everything and then back in their mouths.   I could list so many more reasons for using All gluten free products but I will spare you. 

Now that you read all of that I have FOUND LOCAL GF MAKE UP!!!! Well local for me hopefully close to a retailer near you.  Body Shop has a large selection of it in store.  

I am not much for wearing make up but I do wear it on special occasions so I was glad to see that I could purchase something at the last minute.  I am more excited about Santa having a place to buy products for my daughter to play with. The people were so very helpful so go give them a try.

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