Friday, August 3, 2012

The most important item I buy for the new school year Is the not even on the supply list.

Every year I buy what the school requires, find a gluten free replacement, or buy her children latex gloves so she can do the activity with them. The most important item I buy is my  Grocery Shopping Guide 2012-2013 edition  I buy one for the teacher so she can check on snacks and little other products.   I also buy one for myself and now one for my Mother-in-law.  This way she can buy everyday items from the grocery store and know that she is not wasting her money. She knows they are gluten free and safe for us to eat. It saves a ton of time if I am trying something new, they are out of our regular brand, or we are at a friends house and they ask hey can the two of you have this?

If you buy one from there on checkout when they asked who referred you please give them my email address 

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