Saturday, April 23, 2011

Leal's in Clovis NM is VERY Gluten Friendly!!!

We  went out for Mexican food tonight and were overjoyed to find out how helpful and friendly Leal's Mexican restaurant on Prince St was.   We normally ask for a plain chicken breast or hamburger with cheese (even though she is lactose intolerant we let her have it once in a while).  We tell the restaurant that she has celiac disease and explain what she can not have.  We ask them to cook the order on tinfoil for us to make sure no contamination takes place.

Leal's manager came to the table to let us know that most of the meat get marinated the night before but she would be happy to check and see if they had non marinated meat for us.  They did have a few pieces YAY!  She was happy to let me look at the ingredients on the marinade bottle if  they did not have any meat without marinade.  They also have a gluten free menu now which was something I had not thought to look for.  They even covered her plate with tinfoil for her to eat on.

When we go again, I'll probably call ahead and make sure they have a chicken breast that has not been marinated before we go-- just in case this post sends a ton of gluten free ppl to eat there the same night we do, lol.

Overall the experience of dining Gluten-free at Leal's was a wonderful one! I would have to give them 5 out of 5 stars.   


  1. We've been eating GF there for 2 yrs and I have yet to have them run out of anything, so no worries there lol. My daughter and husband have celiacs and I'm gluten intolerant. Usually we get tacos of some sort and my daughter gets a hamburger patty with fries. If you ask them they'll fry a fresh batch of french fries in the chip fryer so they're GF too. We've gone there tons in the last few years and only one time did my daughter get glutened. I suspect, but can't be sure, that they accidentally put a bun on her burger and then instead of remaking it they just took it off the bun.

  2. That is great news! They really do have wonderful food.