Friday, April 22, 2011

Easy Jello eggs make a great easter!!

Ever since we found out that there is a possibility Phia has ataxia (where the gluten attacks her brain instead of her intestines) I am even more protective of what she gets into.  I want her to have all the joys of childhood I had but I don't want them to kill her.  My  compromise for dying easter eggs is making colorful Jello eggs.   Because there is always room for Jello.

I bought my molds online and typed in JELL-O EGG JIGGLERS Egg Mold   there are a ton of places that sell them especially if it is in season for them

This is a great how to but I must stress to oil the molds before you use them.  Normally you would do this with any mold but nothing is worse then a small child waiting for the Jello eggs only to have them not come out of the mold properly.

I like the different colors but you can be really creative and make rainbow, add fruit, or marshmallows to the bottoms before filling all the way then adding the tops to finish filling.

No matter what you do this spring time I hope that you have a wonderful gluten free time.

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