Thursday, September 1, 2011

The new doctor

I have to sing the praises of Michael K Davis Jr, MD at Nemours Children's Clinic in Pensacola FL.  He has a great bedside manner and is wonderful with children (which helps seeing that he is a peds doctor).

He asked what was going on and what I wanted to accomplish from the appointment. I of course said a diagnosis. lol  I had her previous paper work sent over so he already knew what it said and he was honest with me. Right now they do not have any other test that will give us one. From all of the test he has, all of the information he has received from me he can try a few more things to rule out other things but no matter what she needs to stay Gluten free for the rest of her life period.  I walked away from the appointment glad that I was doing the right thing for my daughter and praying that the world as whole will come to learn more about this disease and all the ones related to it so that it might be easier for future generations.        

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