Sunday, September 11, 2011

The test go on and on

The new Gastro ordered a ton of blood test for my daughter. He has also requested that she be allergy tested for a few things and wants her to be tested for all the behavioral illnesses that are greatly affected by Gluten.  We have yet to see her main pediatric doctor to have anything setup other then the blood tests.

Blood tests results roll in daily.  I knew that the test might come back flagged and half of the first set did so she will be watched for a more serious illness. When the second set came back low I was appalled.  I had asked for her Vitamin D to be tested because a year and a half ago I was told it was low. She was already on vitamins, we played outside as much as possible for sun, and we even made smoothies to try to boost it along with her iron which also stays low. I was told by the old base they didn't know what to do and as always nothing was done.  I was just a mother with to much time on her hands as far as they were concerned.  Now all this time has gone by and I can only wonder what else has happened to her body due to lack of treatment?

The doctors here acknowledge that she has not had proper treatment and are now trying to make up for that.  While I appreciate that it seems that so much more could be going on inside that little body then I ever dreamed of.  

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