Monday, September 12, 2011

Taking the fear out of baking gluten free

If you get a chance to buy the October /November 2011 copy of Living Without magazine.  Buy one for yourself and one for any family members!  There is a wonderful article called Power Flours.  It explains 7 of the major flours that we can use  to bake with. What I LOVE about this article is that it explains in plain English what to expect from each flour.  What the flour tastes like, what kind of texture, what it is used for (such as don't use more then 30% Sourghum in any flour blend).  It also give you information about what to do after you have picked the flours you want to try out and as always it gives you yummy recipes to try out.  So run to the store to buy one to head over to their site.

I know that baking was my favorite thing to do before we went gluten free.  I found it relaxing to make fresh muffins in the morning.  As I have learned through trial and error baking gluten free I am becoming more adventurous with it.   Which is a good thing since we have a giant breakfast every Sunday Morning.  If  I don't keep the menus changing the crowd grows restless. lol   

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