Friday, October 29, 2010

My IGA results are in

The nurse called me today a month after taking the test and 4 days after asking for the results.  Nurse:  I don't know what any of this means  Me: that's ok I had to go through all this with my daughter.  Nurse: umm ok your IGA is 91  Me: what is the doctor's next opening?

I know this is just the beginning of a long  journey for me but it is really not a big deal.  I do not feel overwhelmed at the possibility or upset like I was with my daughter.   I am already doing this for her  so it will all be ok.  I also think it was harder to take because every parent wants a perfect life for their child.   Being handed her test results and not being able to find a doctor or any books to tell me how to help her I felt thrown into the deep end of the pool with out knowing how to swim.

I never want anyone to go through that feeling again so I started this blog. I wanted to share the information I learn and the recipes I try, like, or fix so that the next person would not have to feel that way.   So if you ever feel like you are the only one going through this please know that you are not.  There are lots of us and we have blogs!

On another note my daughter has 2 best friends and both of them have birthday's coming up.  We are going to one this Saturday.  They are our neighbors and know that she has CD.  We have talked and I have bought the same cupcake wrappers and decor.  I will be making her the same flavor cupcakes and same flavored frosting  that will be there for the birthday party already.  My daughter knows that I will be making her GF cupcakes that are the same. She is excited to have cupcakes and keeps making sure they are GF so that she can have them.

The mom called me this afternoon to find out if she could have face paint, if so she would buy some for the party.  I thought that this was very kind of her.  I told her to buy it and that I would look and see.  If it does I will tell her that it has gluten in it and we will come up with a compromise for later.  She was not so sure but I can't always give her what everyone else has and the world is certainly not going to cater to her needs.  So she is going to have to accept she can't participate in some things but she will be able to do something else instead. I don't want to shield her to much from life's reality.  This is how I am trying to deal with this at the moment a year from now my strategy may change.  What are your thoughts on this?  How are you handling these types of situations with your children?  Are you a parent of a non celiac and have run into situations you thought could be better handled?  If you have thoughts on  any of these drop me a line.

I will let you know how the cup cakes turn out.

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