Monday, October 25, 2010

How many of you are still waiting for our miracle drug?

How many of you ever heard of the trial study being done on Larazotide Acetatate Found here without results? I myself am so very tired of waiting to find out anything.  I am tired of calling and emailing them only to have them push back the date or even better, they don't bother to change the date at all.

I really can not get through my head why pharmaceutical companies are not throwing money into finding a pill like lactaid if not one that could be taken daily.  I get that even if this is the "break through" to finding a cure we would not get it until the patents were up on the medications.  Both of my parents worked in a hospital, I worked most of my jobs in  medicine, and I have a fair share of my own health problems so I am not naive to how insurance works.  I am shocked at how much money they are passing up by not making something for this disease and how little attention this disease gets.  I mean if  you count the people just the people with celiac disease (including the ones the don't realize it yet) but don't include the ones that have a sensitivity or are GFing due to Many other reasons that is 3 million people. That is just counting this country alone. People in other countries are just as eager to have this as we are. Can I speak for everyone with any illness and waiting for a medication when I say we have Viagra now so we don't need any more ED studies.  I am not saying that sexual dysfunction is not important. I am saying that ED has been put at the top of the list the past few years and I think the rest of us would appreciate some medication too.

Now my personal opinion is that if they do ever bring this item to life it should be available to everyone that is GFing.  I don't care if they have a sensitivity, if they have one of the many diseases that is thought to be caused or made worse by gluten.  If they Have been GFing and want to take it why not let them? If you have not read the link or do not know anything about what diseases gluten has been linked to please take a look at this wonderful article Dr Mark Hyman Gluten: What you don't know might kill you  Please know in advance that he states that not all or any of YOUR problems are caused by gluten but that some peoples are.  It is an excellent article over all explaining why the Celiac disease and sensitivity is growing, why it is important if you have any gluten sensitivity, and why gluten is costing our health care system oodles of money.

I will be posting books and products that I recommended in each post so it is not overwhelming to get them all at once.

This pizza crust Is SOOO good IMO.  We have tried a few some worked and some did not.  I am not a big pizza fan at all but my little bit loves it.  This pizza crust makes me love it!  I would happily eat 3 pieces of pizza with this crust (leaving my family in shock) I would also be just as happy to eat the pizza crust plain.  In fact after I had surgery I just ate the crusts from my daughter's pizza for dinner not because no one would make me something but the crust were all I wanted.

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