Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Halloween is creeping closer

For those of us that celebrate the day and have children that have Celiac disease this can still be a really fun day.  I know you have to worry about stickers, stamps, and make up. Oh my!  Lord help us if there is a party at a friends house that does not know anything about  GFing yet.  This really does not have to ruin anything though.  I let my daughter do the Trick-or-Treat thing with her friends just like any other child gets to do.  Then when we get home She knows she has to hand over her bucket of stuff and gets to exchange it for the GF candy and sweets that we bought together (even better she has helped pick out).  

I have found that letting her have some control in her diet and what she eats makes a huge difference.  The battles are fewer and farther between and when they come up I remind her that she picked these things out.  She does not have to finish something that is bad tasting.  I will make her put something away for later if she likes it and refuses to eat it though.

I have found a very helpful list of candy both GF and Non GF I thought I would share.  If your child is having a class party then it might be helpful to send this to the teacher.

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