Monday, October 11, 2010

Making a good GF Wrap

My daughter is not into lettuce wraps yet but I still have hope for her.  I lay out the meat in layers add mayo and roll into a wrap.  Depending on the day I slice into smaller pieces or let her eat the wrap as is. This has been fine but I can't give her all her favorites this way.

My dad has been here helping to take care of my daughter and helping me to create new ideas that are edible.  So here is one for a wrap.

Bob red mills -- pancake mix

3/4 flour
1 egg
3/4 silk plus a little extra to make it a little runny

spray pan
add the same amount of pancake mix as normal
turn the pan around (spreading the pancake out and making into the size wrap desired)

4 wraps were made

then added a tiny bit more flour and to make pancakes or leave it alone to make more wraps.

I used these to make Peanut butter wraps.

I want to try adding pumpkin to the mix next time maybe a few other things.

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