Thursday, October 14, 2010

GF Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Yes GF and even my parents LOVED them!!!

I used the Bob red mills pancake mix
I followed the instructions on the package for one batch Except I did not add the oil
I added 9 TBS of Libby's Pumpkin pie puree   (I put the rest in the fridge to make something else but I am sure you could freeze)
I had to add more silk stir and repeat until the pancake batter consistency came back.  The pumpkin thickened it.  I did not use more then 1/4 a cup though.
I then added a handful of mini chocolate chips.   (you can add them to each pancake as they are cooking I just did it this way.)

I set heat on med and while still bubbling flipped.  (My  dad notice if you whip the batter more the pancakes get more of the fluffy texture and if you don't they will stay very thin.)  This is true of the pancake mix regularly and more so with the pumpkin.

You can use this for any GF mix and for any regular mix as well.

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