Friday, November 19, 2010

All those that are ready for the holidays raise your hand

I used to be one of those people beaming with pride that I had almost all my shopping done (all I could do before Black Friday) I had made everything I could pre-make (sew, build, write,or make however the craft required except for food crafts).  I would be one of those people that had all the items that were not required to be fresh already bought  for both thanksgiving and the next holiday. ((( For me I celebrate Advent, St. Nicholas Day, Christmas eve, and Christmas. I have friends that celebrate nothing and ones that celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and a mixture of other beliefs all mixed together.  So I have no preference in people's beliefs but to  keep politically correct I will go with holiday. )))

I now have  little of the shopping done, nothing is handmade yet this year :o( , and my menu has gone to hell. lol   I have had one thing every year no matter what country I was in or what house I went to.  For me this one dish represented home and the holidays for me The Dressing!  When we went GF I was not worried because the 7 pieces of bread that were in it could be replaced with GF bread NP.  I am a Southern Gal after all so my Great grandma's dressing is a cornbread dressing.  Well I wanted to confirm everything even though the label lists no Gluten ingredients so I called the company.  The nice girl let me know that all of Martha white products are in fact to be considered either containing gluten or that there is a possibility of cross contamination because they do not clean the machines between products.  She then asks me if she can do anything for me. Now I knew she did not mean for me to respond to her and she was just trying find a nice way to get rid of me but my policy is never ask me a question you do not want to hear the answer to.  So I answered her  saying why yes you could help me plan a new menu for this year and ask your company to start making GF products.  Would it be so hard to clean the machines between products or buy different ones to use for GF and non GF since you will have a new set of consumers?

Oh well I am not pulled together but I thought I would give you some links to those people that are in case you are in need of anything.

gluten-free goddess - thanksgiving recipes and tips

I must say that this blogger has a well organized list.  She even has a blog roll that is VERY impressive so stop in even if you have everything planned out.  Maybe you will find something new to try.

Until we meet again Keep GF-ing

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