Thursday, November 24, 2011

What's for dinner?

It's thanksgiving here and what are you having?  We like most people that can not have gluten will be having dinner with people that not only can eat gluten but WILL be eating it.  So what is a Mom to do?  Well I do a few different things to make the day run smoothly.

1) I make a gluten and a gluten free item For example :  My family is having homemade mac and cheese so I made  Annie’s Homegrown glutenfree rice pasta and cheddar mac and cheese (a favorite at this house)

2) I make things that are gluten free but no ones knows or cares about. The turkey is being fried in new oil and it is a gluten free turkey so we only need one of those.  I baked sweet potatoes for everyone and will let them fix them individually instead of making a casserole.

3) I am making her veggies separately. Some of them are canned and I want to make sure her veggies are gluten free and not cooked with any "special" seasonings that someone else might add that have hidden gluten in them as well.

This is just the way I am doing it this year every year I learn something new and I change the plan a little.  Also The plan varies greatly on whether I am cooking everything at my house or I will be eating at someone else's house.  I think creating a plan for your family will be about the same but it is important to have a base plan.
This means go in with your eyes and ears open here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to making your plan.
Know If the home you will be eating at knows what gluten is and how much they know.
Do they know that just because something does not have wheat on the label that it could still be harmful?
Do they know about cross contamination and most importantly do they take it as serious as you do?

Here are some great recipes for those of you that need a last min idea

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