Tuesday, August 30, 2011

We are going to see a new Peds Gastroenterologist

The last time we saw one we had to travel out of town to see him. So we were allowed to have one visit with him prior to the biopsy and then the biopsy.  The diagnosis left a lot to be desired.  After all the time that has passed and all the things I have had to learn on my own I am going in prepared (or as prepared as I can think up).

I won't lie and say I don't hope that he says oh there was some mix up in the tests and she really has this.  All she has to do is take a pill and she will be fine from now on.  Back in reality I know that when she comes in any contact with gluten there is no hiding the fact it changes her.  I am still hopeful and nervous all at once.

Wish me luck!

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