Saturday, June 11, 2011

So the move is over and the real work begins

I have been working on enrolling Phia in school and getting us enrolled in the new Tricare system down here this week.  I have to say this is when I get nervous before I meet the new doctor.  I keep telling myself it can't go anywhere but up from here and in truth they do have so much more to offer her at the base alone not to mention in Pensacola as well.  Still The protective mother bear that has had to fight to get even blood test done for her the past few years feels like she is pacing inside of me.

Her Pre-K teacher  seems happy to work with anything she is handed so I am hoping that if I give her the school supply list of things she can and can not have  (as well as providing the supplies) then she will not have a problem.  The school has works with allergies and since it is a private school there will be less children.   So I am hopeful.  Still looking up and calling different companies to check if they are GF since most of the ones that are pre-written are from '09.   Hopefully when I am done I can make a list and post it for you guys to use too.

here are some links to other useful information , tools, or letters that will help with educating the school and teacher on your child's illness.

Assisting a GF child a letter to educators a letter from the doctor to the teacher

Letter to educator Plan R/fcd141e36d5775c0/504 Plan Roadmap for the Accommodating...a Student with Celiac Disease - 2011.pdf    the 504 plan if you do not know is part of the disability act and your child has to have a 504 diagnosis to participate in it.  This is a wonderful thing if you or your child is a simple straight forward case it will help you so much!  Unfortunately most of us do not have a simple diagnosis to qualify for this but if you think you do ask your doctor if you have a 504 diagnosis.

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