Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Smokin' Skillet Is Gluten Friendly

My husband had heard about this place, and the prices were insanely low!  I was hesitant [like I am about all new restaurants] because you never know how gluten friendly the staff are really going to be.  We placed our order with the waitress and went through the normal “Please cook it on tinfoil because we do not want to risk cross contamination” spiel.  Then the waitress asks what she wants for her sides. Well normally she can only have broccoli when we go out (she will not eat potatoes!)  When I looked at the sides list I was shocked to see how many options there were for her.  She got a HUGE fresh fruit bowl and inhaled it.  

After ordering the manager came out and I sighed a heavy tired sigh to myself because this has happened many times.  This is usually when they say something like, “I‘m sorry, but we can’t help you, we can’t take the risk of having you eat in our restaurant.”  Outwardly I covered my sad face to greet her with a smile.  She was coming out to find out the facts.......What?  Yes, ladies and gentlemen  The manager and owner wanted to know everything they could know about how to better serve my child.  She wanted to let me know in the future what other food option were.  She wanted to know what the staff could do to keep my child safe and brought over the menu to go over it with me.   

The options for people who do not need gluten free food is 3 pages or more.  The portions are huge I had to take mine home!  So If you live here, stop by-- they’re celebrating their one year anniversary on 5/7/11 . If you’re still not sure after my glowing recommendation check out their sites.

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