Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day# Who cares!!!

This post will be about what ever happens to spew out of me at the moment so watch for falling objects.

Since it is the holidays let's start with my favorite things that people said to me about food so far. 

You can eat Whole wheat right? It says Whole
You can eat it it say all natural on it.
I bought it a the natural store just for her so I know she can eat it.  Reading the label contains dairy, Wheat, made in around machine that use rye.
I think you are making this whole thing up.
Hippy :)
These are just my top 5 I could write a book with all of them and I am sure you could to.  I do not find most of them offensive so I figured we would start off with a laugh.  I know I could use it.

I was reading gluten free living today trying to figure out what I wanted to make for Christmas. While I was doing this my child pinged around my head from the gluten.  I thought to myself This test could come back saying what ever it wants to but we will be GFing for the rest of this child's life.  Then I sat her on my lap and told her this, " I know you will not remember this in 2 mins and as a mother I never thought I would say this to you  but when you look for someone to marry I want you to go to the biggest Whole foods store you can find.  You walk up and down the aisles until you find a man with a buggy, not a little basket a Giant buggy  follow him if he is shopping there for to do all his cooking from there and does not have on a ring then you flirt with him.   That man my dear can afford to date you. "  She laugh and bounced off.  The sad thing is that it might be true.....     

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