Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A few tips for GF and DF cooking I learned and like to share.

I have learned these lessons the hard way and I figured I would spare you the leaning process.

1) We use Silk in our house.  My daughter is lactose intolerant, I was allergic to milk (yes there is a difference) but after 10 years of shots I can drink it if I want to, and my husband does not care.  So instead of keeping milk that will go bad before I can use it at my house I usually keep chocolate and vanilla silk on hand because they last for a month or more.  I learned the important lesson that even in a pinch DO NOT use Vanilla Silk (even though it is not strong tasting) It will leave whatever you are cooking with a funny after taste. You will need to use plain silk to make your dish.  It lasts just as long as the other silks so it is good to keep on hand too.

2) Rice noodles are very delicate and you can over cook them VERY easily.  I recommend leaving them them a little al dente unless you are going to do a cold rinse on them immediately after you finish cooking them.

3)Corn noodles are not delicate but they do like to stick.  You need a large pot so that they have plenty of space.  I normally put oil and a dash of salt in with all noodles I boil, Oil to keep them from sticking and salt to keep them from over flowing also  to add flavor to them.   If you do not do this ADD OIL to these. Even if it just a little and stir the noodles around so they get coated in it.  Do not add these to the pot until the water is at a FULL boil or you can
will have a mess on your hands.

I highly recommend buying one of these books every year  from this series depending on you or your families needs

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