Monday, August 30, 2010

Some of the links are up

Sorry for it taking so long but I just got my laptop parts in today.  I have to say it is so nice to have my own computer back even though I email my bookmarks to myself monthly so I can access them  during moves, if the computer crashes, or if I am at a friends and they need something.

The only problem with being a bookmark hoarder is that some of them are no longer working.  I am trying my best to sort through them for you and organize them but if any of them are not working for you please let me know.  Also please feel free to send me your links.  I have only put up craft links so far but I have money saving, computer, camera. cooking, weight loss, military, Pinup, quotes, books, and more. I am glad I am a virtual hoarder and not one in real life or I would be in real trouble. lol

1 comment:

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